The Land Of Sometimes Chameleon Catcher Holly & George Elise Alfie Frosty Fish Electric Volcano Guardian Flying Feet The Guide Mrs Blip Mr Small River Slouch Sling Twink Willow Tree Choirboy

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As you know, in ‘The Land Of Sometimes’, four seasons pass within one day, and with each passing of a season and the bursting forth of another, the plants, trees, flowers and skies all change too. Nature on this island is quite shy, and changes without anyone noticing. In between the blink of your eyes, your breath and deepest thoughts, in between your sighs of happiness or the suspended state that lingers between joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, the flowers and trees turn and change and a new colour spreads across the sky, bringing with it waves of warmth or cold, sun or snow; spring, summer, autumn, or winter.

  • Season: Spring
  • Time: 9am to 12noon
  • *Nature: Lilac, Hawthorn Bushes, Daffodils, Crocuses, Peach-bloom, Tulips
  • Colour Of Sky: Pastel Pink
  • Season: Summer
  • Time: 12noon To 3pm
  • *Nature: Sweet Peas, Roses, Bright Green Trees Lush Grass, Summer Berries
  • Colour Of Sky: Turqoise Blue
  • Season: Autumn
  • Time: 3pm To 6pm
  • *Nature: Chrysanthemums, Crab Apple Trees Plum And Quince Trees, Leaves Of Burnt Gold, Fields Of Plough
  • Colour Of Sky: Crimson
  • Season: Winter
  • Time: 6pm To Midnight
  • *Nature: Snow And Bare Branches On The Trees, Except The Evergreens
  • Colour Of Sky: White

Between midnight and 9am it can be any season or weather at all, one never knows, but mostly it is the feeling of spring coming out of winter.
*Nature (Only those mentioned in the story are listed here, Of course,there are many, many more).

This is the direction of Alfie and Elise's house. They are basically very good children so I think you would find their playroom quite tidy, unless their kittens have been in it.
This is the area of the journey across the sea. We know as little about the guide's boat as we do about him. You could always ask Alfie and Elise; they've been on it.
This is the location of The River Slouch Sling's hole beside the river. It's a bit smelly (he likes saving his old apple cores), but he might offer you some sugar from one of his sugar jars.
Little Twink's Tower. One hundred steps up, and only one room, at the very tippetty top! Beware as you walk up the stairs, though; she often throws things out of the door of her messy paradise!
Mrs Blip lives in a bucket that sits beside this tree, best avoid it unless you enjoy tripping up!
There is a large willow tree beside this pond, and it's the daily 'stare and think' spot of a certain little choirboy. He's normally here if you come before 2:30 in the afternoon. After that, he will be running home for tea as the crimson skies of autumn are fast approaching.
You really won't be able to see anything (it's too small), so you will have to take our word for it that the yellowy home of Mr Smaller than smaller than smaller small thing resides among these flowers.
This pond has a rare reflective quality. Deep insights, colours, dreams and wishes are stored here. Out of the water springs the hue each day of the week is born from.
Here is a small pea-green house. It was built just outside the village to give its owner plenty of space for laughing and shouting and running around, searching for the little scuttling creature he shares a home with. (He pretends he doesn't know what it is or where it came from, but don't be fooled; it's just a joke he plays on himself, for some reason).
In the heart of the village is a dark gold paving stone. If you stand on it your feet might start to tingle, make you do a handstand and pull you into the air���so best avoid it if you don't want to do any flying today. (It was designed by the man with the flying feet; we think he's hoping to have some company up there).
This is where Alfie and Elise have a little rest and sing to The Guide about their kittens, Holly and George.
Often buried in the snow, just a few feet before the top of the mountain is a large black switch. If you see it, run past it unless you want to be covered with flying pineapples, berries and streams of hot maple syrup, for this is the peak of The Electric Volcano, and the home of its guardian, who can be found hopping around small fires to the tune of fairground music (don't ask).
Under the largest slab of ice is a small frozen world made entirely of sweets. Here lives a fish who enjoys playing his fiddle, singing with his friends and eating cream and spice. (We don't understand that either).
The journey home is much more difficult than the way there, as the sea is partly frozen over with floating icebergs. (That's until they get past the silver line, which is somewhere around here).
With Alfie and Elise safely back home and tucked up in bed, the inhabitants of 'The Land Of Sometimes' sneak into their dreams to sing them one last song.